Teaching children the science of growing real food.

Can You Dig It?™ Garden Education. Serious gardening for the young, budding horticulturist.


I learned that the fruit has seeds. It's a plant part just like roots, leaves and stems.

Cecilia Colorado Springs 3rd Grader

 When kids come to class they ask if we're doing science today.

Elementary Teacher, Scott W.

 My little third graders enjoy being outside planting, touching and feeling. They feel like they are making a difference - it's so neat to chat with them about it!

Elementary Teacher, Jennifer P.

The use of Can You Dig It?™ as a model for garden education can enhance the authentic experience.

Tiffany Harper, University of Kentucky College of Food, Agriculture and Enviornment

Shout out to Delores Higgins. We used this program when I was at Wilson Elementary and the kids loved it. Fun and engaging!

Elementary Principal, Carlos P.

How can you identify the fruit of a plant?

Find the answer on page 8, The Fruit.

Take a few minutes each day to care for your garden.

Read more about caring for the garden on page 16.

Share your delicous harvest with family and friends.